Kevin Knight

Kevin is the president and founder of K Group, a full service qualitative consumer research company founded in 1992. Prior to K Group, Kevin worked for 9 years at Proctor and Gamble/Richardson Vicks. He has extensive graduate studies in Marriage and Family Therapy and a MS in Statistics and a BS in Mathematics. Kevin is the rare mix of left brain and right brain thinker. He introduces a unique energetic style into facilitating that is unmatched in the industry. Kevin loves to bring in new techniques and approaches that help peel back the onion. He has brought his innovative research approach to a number of industries.

Perhaps the secret to Kevin’s effective style is the mix of his professional experiences, academic background and personal passions and experiences. Kevin knows the waters marketers and researchers must navigate; for almost ten years, he was on the client side. He knows it can be tough trying to align the needs of the brand team, agency, product development, senior management, legal and the bean counters, all hovering over projects that must get done. He has been there and will be your partner as you navigate those waters.

Social & Personal Passions

Parent • Writes a blog, ‘People of The Invisible‘, dedicated to raising awareness and funds for orphans • Runs a book club (for busy guys) • Runner • Traveler • Active in community and church • He sits on a two not-for-profit Boards (a school and hospital.)

Research Topics

  • Positioning development and assessment
  • Communication checks and refinement
  • Category exploratory
  • Idea/strategy evaluation
  • Package development
  • Product evaluation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Concept development
  • Concept evaluation

Our Team

KGroup_Jeniffer 2

Jennifer Fields

Jennifer, the Field Director has been with the K Group for 15 years, prior to the K Group she worked in the facility business. Therefore, Jennifer knows the ins and outs of screener development and facility management so that your job is properly recruited and managed, getting the right people where they are supposed to be.


Diana Yepes

Diana the office coordinator has been with the K Group for 5 years. It is her responsibility to make sure you know where you are going, make sure you are well fed and make sure the facility is addressing your needs.