We conduct all types of personal interviews, one-on-one, in-depth, as well as two on ones, couples, and friend pairs. We think live are best but we have done many telephone and over the Internet interviews.

Focus Groups

Full, min-groups, triads… Just like above we believe mixing it up and exploring different group configurations can be most expedient, depending on what you are trying to learn: Friends, spouses, trier-rejecters…


There is a great benefit to ethnographies, they allow us to deep dive, aided by the real environment the consumer experiences, and also aided by the power of unprompted observation. The challenge with ethnographies is they can take a great deal of time.

KGroup Favorite Techniques

Projective Techniques: Frequently we want to dig deeper with the respondents, we deploy a number of techniques to achieve these deeper dives, when appropriate:


Use Of Self

The most important tool the moderator has is him/herself. We are always looking for the chance to deepen the connection with the respondent(s) in the room. It is frequently subtle, you will see Kevin use humor, a shared phrase, conscious eye contact, use body language, finding a mutually shared experience


Sensory Tools

People experience the world differently and are comfortable communicating it through a variety of mediums. We have tools to help them express themselves with color, texture, even smells



There is power in a story and everyone has a story. Stories open people up, insight and truth live in these stories. There are less filters in a story; the subconscious speaks through the words and pictures we use in our stories.


Web Of Influence

A tool we created years ago to help dig below the surface. It gives people who are stuck a bit of a springboard.


Love collages and other small homework assignments. Encourage everyone to rediscover their inner kindergartener. I am usually surprised at the depth and thinking the participants put into a collage (and there are times when I am not), the pre-work allows us to start a session at a deeper level and enables us to go deeper. Other pre-work we have used includes: shopping trips, interviewing friends, taking pictures and videos.

A photo by Andrea Boldizsar.


More than anything the moderator controls the energy in the room; Kevin monitors the energy and always has some energy in reserve to bring to a session.



This is the most powerful tool we have in qualitative research, active listening, listening to the words, listen to the body talking.